I’m a computer engineer and small-business owner in Canton, GA, USA where I live with my family, work from home, and fiddle with just about anything tech. I use this site to share ideas, notes, and experience from my work and tinkering.

Home Assistant

IFTTT has changed their business model and wants to charge me to continue using a handful of integrations. This turned into an excuse to take a look around at alternatives to running all the glue logic for my home automation system in “the cloud”. I discovered Home Assistant is the perfect solution for me.

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Dell XPS 15 7590 Battery Issue

I discovered the battery in my 13-month-old Dell XPS 15 (7590) laptop is now swelling up making the touchpad no longer work. I’m not happy with the way Dell is (not) handling this.

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Dell  XPS  7590 

AWS Budgets in Terraform

I ran into an issue working with Terraform to setup an AWS Budget for a project and didn’t find the fix in the documentation or online. Thought I’d share here.

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Unifi NanoHD

I replaced an aging Unifi AP-LR with a new NanoHD today. Given all the activity on the home and office networks with everyone working/schooling from home, it was time.

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