I’m a computer engineer in Canton, GA, USA where I live with my family, work at Cribl from home, and fiddle with just about anything tech. I use this site to share ideas and notes from my tinkering.


The boy keeps getting distracted when he’s supposed to be doing school work at home so I’ve been trying to get filters going in the firewall. It turns out to be surprisingly difficult to block YouTube. Even if I managed to get something working, he can just turn off wifi on the phone and bypass my firewall. I finally broke down and paid for Qustodio on his phone and laptop.

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Recteq Integration

I build my first curstom integration for Home Assistant. My Recteq integration lets me monitor and control my smoker without having to expose it out to the Internet. My overactive imagination keeps coming up with scenarios where some hacker manages to burn my deck down…

Home Assistant

IFTTT has changed their business model and wants to charge me to continue using a handful of integrations. This turned into an excuse to take a look around at alternatives to running all the glue logic for my home automation system in “the cloud”. I discovered Home Assistant is the perfect solution for me.

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Dell XPS 15 7590 Battery Issue

I discovered the battery in my 13-month-old Dell XPS 15 (7590) laptop is now swelling up making the touchpad no longer work. I’m not happy with the way Dell is (not) handling this.

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Dell  XPS  7590 

AWS Budgets in Terraform

I ran into an issue working with Terraform to setup an AWS Budget for a project and didn’t find the fix in the documentation or online. Thought I’d share here.

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Unifi NanoHD

I replaced an aging Unifi AP-LR with a new NanoHD today. Given all the activity on the home and office networks with everyone working/schooling from home, it was time.

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