Dell XPS 15 7590 Battery Issue

I discovered the battery in my 13-month-old Dell XPS 15 (7590) laptop is now swelling up making the touchpad no longer work. I’m not happy with the way Dell is (not) handling this.

I have had very few issues with Dell hardware over the past 20 years and I’ve bought over a dozen machines from them in that time. I’ve had a couple DOA issues and an occasional power supply faiure a server but nothing other than that. Because of this, I’ve never felt the need to buy the extended warranties.

Well, one month after my latest laptop’s default 1-year warranty expired, I now have a battery that is swelling. It’s pushed the touchpad up so it’s proud of the keyboard deck and doesn’t click any more. Look on the Dell forums and elsewere and there are many others reporting the exact same issue. Surely Dell will address this, right?

I called today and got nothing useful. They offered a 14-day turnaround for $40 or 7-day for $60 and that’s without the cost for replacement parts - that’s just for looking at it! They would not just sell me the part either.

So, off to Amazon to buy one for $80 and replace it myself in under an hour when it arrives in only 2 days. Looks like I will continue skipping the extended warranty from Dell. ****ing useless.

UPDATE - I ordered a replacement battery from RayHom on Amazon. It arrived early and in apparently perfect shape but the laptop now abruptly powers off randomly when not on AC power. I’ve returned that battery and ordered a Certified OEM replacement for double the price. Fingers crossed…

UPDATE - The OEM replacement works fine. I’ll be avoiding RayHom.

Dell  XPS  7590 
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