Hugo Shortcode for PlantUML

I often need to embed diagrams into documentation but I dislike having to keep track of separate files for the image. I went looking for a way to embed them as “code” in the document and found GitLab’s ability to embed PlantUML in Markdown content including READMEs, issues, MRs, etc. I want to be able to do the same with Hugo.

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GitLab Snippets in Hugo

I needed to embed a GitLab Snippet into a page here on the site earlier today so I added layouts/shortcodes/snippet.html with the content below.

<script src="{{ index .Params 0 }}.js"></script>

Now I can embed snippets just like Gists except using snippet in place of gist and it only takes the single number parameter. I’d put an example here but I can’t figure out how to make Hugo ignore it.

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