Ubuntu 22.04

I updated my dev machine to Ubuntu 22.04 last night. Things went pretty well.

The last time I installed on this machine, I carved out half of the 1TB SSD for a separate /home partition and the rest for the OS. I told the installer to reformat the root and swap partition and keep /home and the install went pretty smoothly. I’d booted the install image, mounted /home and renamed by existing pdugas/ folder to pdugas.old/ before the install so now I have a clean /home/pdugas and I can cherry-pick things I was to copy over.

All the hardware (except the fingerprint reader) worked OOTB. No issues there. Nvidia graphics, Intel wifi, etc. all fine so far.

I installed Chrome and got into LastPass so I have all my passwords back first. Then I could sign into my personal and work Google profiles. I added them as Internal Accounts too so calendars and drives are attached.

I intalled a handful of apps using the stock software tool. It’s still unbearably slow and seemes to prefer snap packages. I’m going with it for now. Installed Zoom, Slack, VScode, and Gimp.

Installed a few Gnome Shell extensions for weather and shoting tweaks in the top-right menu. Can’t get the mulltiload indicator working yet. Flashes and flickers. Will revisit that later.

I installed Docker using their install script. Got docker-compose from the stock repo.

Next was powerline and VIM which went without issue.

I copied a few configs from my old $HOME:

  • .ssh/
  • .local/share/remmina

I ran into one issue with Zoom. When run from the snap package, using SSO or Google to login wouldn’t launch from the browser after authenticating. Installed the DEB instead and it’s working now.

Update: I found everything pale-gray in the UI was coming out pale-aqua. It was pretty annoying but I finally figured out the default color profile was not correct. Select Settings > Color > Laptop Screen (don’t expand it with the > on the right) and add the Standard Space -sRGB profile and it’s back to normal.

Update: Seems stock L2TP/IPSEC VPNs are busted currently. Booo…

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